“I didn’t think the Reiki would work as well as it has.” – Cathy Cullen

“I had a Reiki Session at a Spa & was unimpressed. .. But two hours after my first Session with Ray of Light & I was on top of the world.” – Barbara Warden

“I feel less stress & more relaxed after a Reiki Session. My mind is quieter & I am able to focus more clearly. I feel calm & peaceful. I feel the benefits of the Reiki lasting for days afterwards.” – Vicky Rich

“I talked to my Mom a few days after she received the Reiki for her Throat cancer & she said she felt calm & less choked up than she usually does.” – Anonymous

“You’re becoming a major addition to our retreats yourself, dear Sukhada – and you’re extremely reliable and adding in positiveness.”

“Reflexology helped me a lot, love it and you have awesome positive energy it was a lovely experience i feel rejuvenated i loved this session so much was so mellow and i feel result amazingly thank you.”

“Thank you Sukhada. I really enjoyed our sessions – both the healing and the chats, and they cleared enough of the crap for me to finally be ready to get into Reiki again for the first time in 9 years!” – Caroline Moore

“Thank you so much Sukhada – I have truly enjoyed our sessions too and I really do think I feel a lot better since you started to work on me.”

“Hi Sukhada – just a quick note to let you know I had my appointment with the consultant yesterday and the ovarian cyst has shrunk! Tests all clear too! Thank you so much.”


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