Ray of Light

Ray of Light

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”

Flower Essences

Taking Care Of Our Mental & Emotional Health

Flower Essences are pure, safe and effective energetic medicines to managing our emotions. They are of an energetic vibration & can be taken alongside allopathic medicine. The Dark Sky Flower Essences are for deep transformation and cleansing,  lifting suppressed emotional pain that may well surface now are a safe and effective way to do that and to protect your immunity at this time. The when we feel threatened. The Solar System Flower Essences are to address the emotional issues you are experiencing now. These  essences resonate with your soul consciousness and your soul knows what it needs at this time and it is best to choose the essence for your self.

The protocols implemented due to Covid19  may begin to have an effect on our over all health. People may be dealing with grief and loss in isolation and existing health problems can start to create worry,. Every  day normal things become too much sometimes. With extra time on our hands it is easy to find negative, worrying issues creeping in.

One of the ways we can support our over all health is using Flower Essences to Balance  our thinking and feeling self. I can help you choose an essence and offer support. The Essences are listed on my Shambala Holistic Centre FB page – Click Here

Solar System Flower Essences – £15

Dark Sky Flower Essences  – £50 (set of four essences)

Emergency Essences Kit

The Need For Emergency Essences

This kit contains 4 essences and it costs £55

We all need to be able to reach for something that will bring relief in those difficult moments and it has been with that in mind that The Emergency Kit has been created.

The first of this Kit was the Rescue Essence which was created as a complex just the week before lockdown last March. This essence calms fight or flight response in an emergency situation but it helps with the uncertainty and anxiety. This essence can  be taken throughout the day  until one feels at peace.

The second in  this kit is the Shock Essence which helps put us back together after either a physical or emotional shock. It also helps to restore our Soul back within our body so it can guide our healing. There are so many situations that this essence will be invaluable in. It can be repeated over a week or so.

The third in this kit is The Alchemy Essence. This is again a complex essence which lifts heavy dark situations out of our body. You know the old Alchemist work of changing lead to gold, well it works a little like this.

The last essence in this kit is called The Alpha and Omega Essence. This essence deals with times of transition. Change is something we all have to learn to deal with but it is not always easy. Sometimes it is something we need help with. As we come to terms with our changing circumstances. Transitions happen all through life from birth to death.

All of this essences in the  Emergency Kit are vibrational energies with no material content. They are used into the Aura as a spray  (over the top of the head) and totally safe for everyone to use.

It may be necessary to combine two different essences and these essences can be repeated in emergency situations until one feels comfortable again.

I recommend this Kit for every first aid box and indeed the Rescue and Shock Essence are great in one’s handbag or in the glove box of the car.

They are all made with 50% Brandy and have a long life span.

Wyn Tyrie – founder of The Dark Sky, Solar System & Tree Essences