Flower Essences


Taking Care Of Our Mental & Emotional Health

Flower Essences are pure, safe and effective energetic medicines to managing our emotions. They are of an energetic vibration & can be taken alongside allopathic medicine,.The Dark Sky Flower Essences are for deep transformation and cleansing,  lifting suppressed emotional pain that may well surface now are a safe and effective way to do that and to protect your immunity at this time. The when we feel threatened. The Solar System Flower Essences are to address the emotional issues you are experiencing now. These  essences resonate with your soul consciousness and your soul knows what it needs at this time and it is best to choose the essence for your self.

The protocols implemented due to Covid19  may begin to have an effect on our over all health. People may be dealing with grief and loss in isolation and existing health problems can start to create worry,. Every  day normal things become too much sometimes. With extra time on our hands it is easy to find negative, worrying issues creeping in.

One of the ways we can support our over all health is using Flower Essences to Balance  our thinking and feeling self. I can help you choose an essence and offer support. The Essences are listed on my Shambala Holistic Centre FB page – Click Here

Solar System Flower Essences – £10

Dark Sky Flower Essences  – £40 (set of four essences)

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