Welcome to Ray Of Light!

Sukhada RepassSukhada Smith-Repass is the founder of Ray of Light. Sukhada specializes in Energy Work.

Reiki is a Japanese Technique for Relaxation & Stress Reduction.

Sukhada has been doing Reiki since 1999 and does it because she wants to help people and in the past she had  health issues.

Reiki helped her immensely.

Sukhada teaches Reiki to those interested in practicing the art of Reiki on themselves and others.

Sukhada also offers regular Workshops which are trial mini sessions for interested parties to come and learn more about the Therapies she does and their benefits.

Restorative Reiki Yoga Class is the third Sunday of each month at the The Shambala Room.  Restorative Yoga is described as the “Yoga of Non-Doing.”  Each pose is supported by a prop.  While Noeleen guides you through the poses Sukhada will do Reiki on everyone.  This is class is deeply relaxing & restorative.

Services, Therapies & Rates

Reiki pronounced Ray Key is a Japanese Technique for Relaxation & Stress Reduction. Rei means universal, transcendental, sacred, spiritual & Ki means Life Force Energy. Reiki  means Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. This is all around us. If the energy is free & flowing, you feel happy & healthy. You are in balance emotionally, spiritually & physically. If the energy is low or unbalanced you are more prone to illness, stress or pain. Reiki creates balance, helps the body heal itself & release emotional & physical blockages. Reiki can be used alongside any other health care you are receiving. Suitable for all ages & aliments. Reiki is the practice of transmitting healing energy through the hands. The Reiki Practitioner uses specific hand positions on the body or just above specific areas, which correspond to the major organs & energy centres in the body. A session is administered on a massage couch, fully clothed.

Karuna Reiki means the Reiki Of Compassion. In Karuna Reiki you learn 8 symbols and how to use these. These symbols are very specific, as to where you use  on the body you use them. William Lee Rand is the founder of Karuna Reiki.

Animal Reiki - this Reiki is taught specifically for Animals. This class teaches the student how Reiki is used on animals and the differences between doing Reiki on animals and Reiki on people.

Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing – It is a blend of energies that allow a focused healing starting with yourself. It is very beneficial on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. It is very grounding & the symbols are very powerful in assisting with healing.

Reflexology –  is a therapeutic foot massage which works on the major reflex points and organs of the body.

Lightwork is like Reiki, “Energy Work,” but it is a different modality. It can be more involved and more specific. Working one one area of the body whereas Reiki is a whole body treatment.

Flower Essence Therapy – Flower Essences are liquid extracts made from individual flowers which are taken orally to aid emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Sound Therapy - is the use of tuning forks to find areas of disturbance within the human energy field. The tuning forks are used on the major energy centers (chakras) of the body & other specific areas where there are imbalances. The tuning forks help to restore balance & harmony.

ThetaHealing – is a simple but effective technique, that teaches you how to use the Theta Brainwave state to connect  to infinite source.  During a session  the Practitioner will identify which key beliefs are holding your physical or emotional issues in place.  For more info, visit  www.thetahealing.com

Thai Massage – a system of massage & manipulation developed in Thailand. Pressure is applied along the Sen Energy Lines. I focus on the head, neck, shoulders, back & feet.

Aroma Touch - massage of the back & feet using DoTerra essential oils.

Back Massage

Full Body Massage

Access Energetic Facelift  –  is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face .

Access Bars - there are thirty-two points of energy that run through & around your head that connect to different aspects of your life ie creativity, money, joy etc.  We call all of the points that are touched when using this modality The Bars.  A session is deeply relaxing.

Crystal Healing- the use of crystals on the major energy centres of the body.  Each crystal has its own individual properties.

Restorative Reiki Yoga Class is the third Sunday of each month at  The Shambala Room.  Restorative Yoga is described as the “Yoga of Non-Doing.”  Each pose is supported by a prop.  While Noeleen guides you through the poses Sukhada will do Reiki on everyone.  This is class is deeply relaxing & restorative.

Sound Baths –   held monthly in The Shambala Room – come be bathed in sound. www.michelleharton.com  – £11

Services And Rates


Restorative Reiki Yoga Class – £11

Thirty Minute Session – £25

One Hour Session – Reiki, Access Bars, Sound Healing – £30

One Hour Session –  Indian Head Massage, Massage, Aroma Touch – £35


*I  can offer sliding fee* (whatever you can afford)

I do Sessions at  my home in Derrylin, or can come to your home. I charge a fee to cover milage costs for home sessions.

Kids Reiki I Class -  – This is a fun class for kids age 5 to 10. They will learn what Reiki is, Reiki, History, Reiki Precepts, how to sense & feel the Reiki energy, (kids are very open & in tune with energy,) the Human Energy Field & the Chakras. Kids will learn how to do Reiki on themselves & others. Class includes a Kids Reiki book, a certificate & one Attunement, as well as Kids Reiki Meditations. Parents or  family members are welcome to attend the class. Discount for siblings. One day class. www.reikikids.ca  £50

Kids Reiki II Class  – This class is for kids who wish to learn more about Reiki & includes reviewing what was learned in Reiki Level I. More information on the chakras, & human energy field, how to use crystals, learning the Reiki Symbols, Distance Reiki & scanning. Certificate included & three Attunements. One day class. £80

Family Reiki  Class  – (discount for siblings and parents .) This is a fun class for families to learn Reiki together. Can include any family members. Learn the different Reiki Levels together. This class is a catered to suit both adults and children. Price depends on the Level of Reiki.

Reiki  I Class –  – Learn Reiki History, what Reiki is, meditations, Hara Breathing, how to do Reiki on oneself & others.  Includes three Attunements,  manual & certificate. £108

Reiki II Class -  Learn how to do Distance Reiki, Scanning, use Reiki Symbols & Mantras, the human energy field & the chakra system. Includes hands on practice using the mantras, symbols & scanning. Includes three Attunements & a guided chakra meditation. £175

ART (Advanced Reiki Training)  – this class is geared towards those who want to learn more about Reiki.  This class gives you specific skills for you to use in your Reiki practice which are fun to learn & very powerful. You will learn how to make & use a crystal grid,  do aura clearing. Includes Reiki Meditations & the last of the Reiki symbols, the Master symbol .£250

Teacher Level   – Learn how to teach  people Usui Reiki,  what that requires &  how to give Attunements. This class is taught over several days. This level includes a essay,  & questions & the student demonstrating what they have learned during the class.  I can combine the Master & Teacher Levels.  £350

Animal Reiki  Level I  – This class is the first level for learning Reiki & working with animals. Students will learn the Reiki history, Reiki precepts,, meditations and the protocol for working with animals. The student will learn basic hand positions for Reiki self-care and for treating friends and family, the focus will be on treating animals.The student will gain the basic knowledge for doing Reiki on any animal. £150

Animal Reiki Level  II – This class will introduce the first three Reiki symbols for use with animals and people. Includes the human energy field & the chakra system.  Meditation techniques will be practiced. There will be plenty of practice time with animals. £200

 Animal Reiki Master/Teacher  This class will meet over two days. The student will learn how to give attunements, structure a class. Includes Master Symbol & how to use it. This class prepares the student how to teach Animal Reiki & what that entails. £400

Karuna Reiki I & II   – In order to take the Practitioner Level it is required you have completed the ART Reiki Training . Karuna Reiki means the Reiki of Compassion.  This type of Reiki was founded by William Lee Rand (www.reiki.org.). You learn how to use the different Karuna Reiki symbols & what they mean. These symbols are very powerful & specific. (Manual Included.) This is a two day class. £200

Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher   – learn how to teach Karuna Reiki & give Attunements & use the symbols. (Manual Included.) The student will demonstrate what they have learned. £300

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing I & II - this includes the first two of four Levels. Learn the history of Shamballa, how to use Shamballa & the chakra system, hand positions & the first Shamballa symbol. Shamballa is referred to as Multidimensional as it focuses on wholeness. We all have various aspects of ourselves that as we work with Shamballa come up for us to work through, such as physical pain, emotional issues, grief.  Shamballa is a blend of energies that allow a focus healing starting with yourself. Each Level includes a Attunement. Shamballa is very grounding & the symbols used are very powerful in assisting with healing on all levels – mental, emotional & physical.  Shamballa Level   II – includes  symbols for distance healing, MAP session, heart mediation, clearing houses. £200

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master/Teacher   -   includes learning more symbols,  includes lots of meditations, how to teach Shamballa  & give Attunements. Student will demonstrate what they have learned. £400

All classes include vegetarian lunch.


*Classes are held in my home in Derrylin or I can travel to your home to teach a class. Animal Reiki classes will be taught at specific locations where there are animals to practice on or your own pets.

*Euro welcome as well as payment plans!

*A Reiki Practitoner or Teacher does not diagnose. Please seek a medical Doctor for advice*


What my clients say:

Reiki with crystals is wonderfully soothing for me. I feel such  peace & a feeling of well-being after the Session. I benefit physically & aches & pains ease away for a good long time. I feel Reiki with crystals balances me & attunes me physically, emotionally & spiritually.